Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finally a Piano!

David and I have been talking for quite some time about getting a piano, but were never on the same page about what we wanted. I wanted a real piano and David wanted a digital one. Well, after David sent me piano shopping I changed my mind and went for the digital. It had been great and the Kids love it. David also is able to practice at night when the kids are in bed because he uses headphones.
Cole and Kell have sarted taking lessons from a lady in our ward and so far are enjoying it. Abigail is excited for her turn to start taking lessons. As for Campbell, he enjoys sitting at the piano playing his own masterpiece. Of all our kids, he seems to be the one that really enjoys music.


Lisa said...

I guess I need to head out for my own personal piano concert. Can't wait to hear you Cole and Kell!

Rachel said...

The piano looks great!

Daniel, Kari and Co. said...

So - can I ask? What kind did you decide on. Daniel and I are shopping for a digital one as well. I'd love to know what you found and if you still love it!