Monday, November 10, 2008

Princess Party Details

Our little party was pretty fun, and I apologize for not including the details. First of all, the boys were at their friends house, because what boy would really want to participate in a princess party. Although Cole did help plan some of the games, Thanks ColE. When planning something, include as much pink as possible. Sherrie did a great job with that. When the princesses arrived we had them decorate their own crowns (foam crowns are so cool). Then they played pin the crown on the princess, colored princess pictures, and played a game to identify the princess 'accessories' (basically a match type game with princess things). Then we did a 'treasure' hunt and all the little girls got a gift bad of princess goodies. They had fun and my wife did a great job of pulling it together.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


What is more fun for a little girl to have a Princess party with 4 of her princess friends!

Complete with a Barbie princess cake... What more can I say? (Isn't my wife awesome?)

Where were you a few years ago?

Seems like gas prices here in the Midwest have been off a few years. Four hours after taking this shot they dropped another 5 cents, and were down another 2 when we drove by the same place this morning. Funny when they started dropping we were excited to see them fall to $3 a gallon, but now they are just dropping like crazy. Why you may ask for the precipitous drop? Well my theory is that somehow energy moguls have tapped into the hot air spewing from the blowhards all over the country during the campaign season, and have found a way to power the country (or at least central Iowa). I'm sure prices will go up as that source as that has all but dried up, but it is a nice temporary reprieve!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ghosts and ghouls or rather Jedis and princesses

Thought you might like to see some pics of our not so scary halloween alter-egos. A baseball player, a jedi, a princess/Fancy Nancy (yeah maybe not an alter ego), and our tiger/pumpkin. Not really a tiger-pumpkin, but a tiger one night and a little pumpkin the other night. We went to a outdoor museum place one night and then our neiborhood the next night, so Abigail and Campbell had a couple different costumes. Now we are all on a refined sugar high with candy wrappers everywhere.