Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A couple more pics

Here are a couple pictures I have taken of Campbell. I still need to get the ones of the kids helping give him a bath, but I'll get there sometime...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

CJB Pics

I know the pics are going to come up before the announcement. Sorry, I didn't plan these consecutive posts too well. I love that I can get these new pics out to everyone right away, so all those who want to be here can enjoy some of the joy that we are experiencing.

Mom and the kids

Finally a big sister

The four things that really matter

Me and my little boys (The little elephant is the kid's gift to Campbell, but Kell and Abigail are having a tough time giving it up)

Abigail couldn't get enough of this little guy

The Big News...

With all the experience that three children gives you, and despite your confidence in your ability to predict and prepare for anything, life always throws curve balls... So for you who like to cut to the chase Mr. Quatro has arrived, three weeks early, but here nonetheless!

But who doesn't like a good story! I'll try to point out the subplots and foreshadowing that run parallel to the story.

Well, Quatro is already a crafty little guy. He has put us through more expectant parent stress than all three of our children combined. I can spare all of those gory details. This past week Sherrie started the once a week doctor's appointments. On her appointment on Tuesday, we couldn't determine his position, so we had to reschedule an ultrasound for Thursday. From that we found that he was breech to transverse, basically upside down or sideways, new territory for our family. So knowing that we had to schedule a time for the doctor to try and get him in the right position. Since Sherrie would be 37 weeks we set it up for Wednesday of the following week, to get him turned and ready for natural childbirth (yeah could it be that easy?). The next complication was that I had the Spring scout camporee this Friday and Saturday (April 25-6, Also Happy 10 year anniversary Sherrie, I'll be spending the weekend with 11-13 year olds). Seeing my track record with campouts and home emergencies during the campouts, I should have known something was coming. However, Sherrie guaranteed me that nothing was going to happen (yeah sure). So cutting to the chase, the campout went well, up until about 12:00 midnight when I got a call from Sherrie that her water had just broke. We called my wonderful cousin who came and watched the kids. I made it home in record time (without my wallet, which I realized when I got home) and headed to the hospital. I was a little worried since the last three went fairly quickly. We determined that a C-Section was the best alternative since after the water breaks it is more risky to try to turn the baby. The main issue was that the doctor wouldn’t be available until nearly 7:00, so we got to wait, and wait. I hadn’t prepared with all the time passing material, so it was a long wait, and resting in hospital rooms isn’t really considered ‘restful’. We did get running about 6:00 (and had a friend from Burley assisting, small world!), and I got involved about 7:00 as they were getting the C-section underway. At 7:22 a little guy finally had his first breath of air, not without some twisting and turning, and three loops of the cord around his neck. Good thing we didn’t try to turn him since he didn’t have too much room to swim anyway. He was 6lb. 9oz, and 21 inches long. He has some good hair (not Lisa hair, but hair nonetheless). His name is Campbell Jex Bowen. The name comes from Sherrie’s great grandfather Campbell, and his dad’s great grandfather William Jex, both pioneer spirited men. So it met Sherrie’s criteria for family reference and a name that works with his siblings. Sherrie has been fighting for that one for a while and I finally came around.
Welcome Campbell to the family, we feel so blessed and privileged to have a new little child of God in our home.

(Props to Sara for the closest prediction, albeit a week off!)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Enter the baby name game

Sherrie and I have been involved in the debate that all expectant parents deal with...What should we name the baby. We are fairly confident the baby will be a boy (unless she played some great little prank when we had the last ultrasound pictures done), but coming up with the right name has been a trial. You know how it goes, dad likes it, mom knows someone with the name and vetos the decision and vice versa. So we are 1 month away and are happy to hear of any ideas from our friends and family. We won't put any of our candidate names as to avoid giving away any of our ideas. Also, if you want to put down your predictions for when Quatro will be born, I will put it together and list the winner in a post on the blog. And since about 7 people see this, it all but insures blogosphere fame, what better reward can be had?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

April (SNOW) Showers

Hmm, spring in central Iowa... Since winter has held on so long, why not have a big snow shower in April! We had some steady light rain all morning and then about 2:00 it started really coming down. I was in meetings all afternoon, but caught glimpses of the falling snow, at times with huge heavy flakes. I called Sherrie and got home and we finally had the opportunity to make our snowman. Aunt Lisa gave us the EZ Snowman kit a while ago, but it has always been so cold that no one was really excited to bring Frosty to life. Today was perfect so to add to my brothers pics on his blog, here is the creation of the Iowa Frosty and the crew. Complete with us showing off how tough we are! Go April snow!

Easter Fun

I thought I would let everyone see how Easter went.
Here is Cole, Kell and Abigail after the community easter egg hunt and party. The boys with the hats they won and Abigail with Cole's balloon hat.

Here are the boys with the Easter eggs they colored.

Last but not least, here the kids are with their new Sunday clothes. And yes, Abigail had to have a little handbag with her new twirly dress! Don't they all just look like angels (we know better)!