Thursday, April 3, 2008

April (SNOW) Showers

Hmm, spring in central Iowa... Since winter has held on so long, why not have a big snow shower in April! We had some steady light rain all morning and then about 2:00 it started really coming down. I was in meetings all afternoon, but caught glimpses of the falling snow, at times with huge heavy flakes. I called Sherrie and got home and we finally had the opportunity to make our snowman. Aunt Lisa gave us the EZ Snowman kit a while ago, but it has always been so cold that no one was really excited to bring Frosty to life. Today was perfect so to add to my brothers pics on his blog, here is the creation of the Iowa Frosty and the crew. Complete with us showing off how tough we are! Go April snow!


Mandi Lynne said...

With beautiful April snow showers like that, maybe I WILL move to Des Moines!

crack'n up ourselves said...

Hey Ya'll its Julie Meldrum- I can't believe how big your kids are! Cole is so grown up! I'm sure glad you have a blog so we can keep up with you guys. We miss you.