Monday, December 14, 2009

Blizzard of '09

School out early, school delayed, School cancelled, these have become commmon household phrases this past week. In the last week the kids have had ONE full day of school. They are really loving it, and I think they could almost get used to it. After it was cancelled today, I threatened to put them to work.

Last week during and after the BLIZZARD we were snowed in. It took David around 4 hours to dig us out Wednesday afternoon after it had been snowing since Tuesday morning. Plows finally came around 5 pm after a tractor made a path for it to get through. Needless to say it was nice to have everyone home for a day.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Family Pictures

Thought you might like the new kid pics. We finally updated the blog stuff to show off the changes.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday

Abigail had another birthday, she is 5 now. I can't believe we have been here that long. Mom did another excellent job on the cake. Abigail received a little sewing machine and some art supplies, which she is just loving. Happy birthday my little girl! She is really growing up. Here are some nice pics of the presents, the cake, the cheesy smile, and the little girl doing some sewing.

Spoooooky halloween in Iowa

Maybe not so spooky, but here is the crew.
Cole was a soccer player, not inherently scary, but his hair was sure frightening. Kell was Darth Vader, so that is the man behind the mask. Ab was Belle the princess, and C-man was a scarecrow. He went to a couple houses, got a sucker, then was content to eat that the rest of the time, while dad pushed him in the stroller. Nice weather and a good time.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Funny thing happened on the way to work...

I posted this on Facebook, but had a request for the long version of the story. So at work we were having a fundraiser and the end of the fundraiser was supposed to feature a special guest. During the fundraising campaign people had opportunities to win a meet and greet with the mystery guest. As the time approached, it was announced that the guest would be Jeff Gordon. Now I'm not a big NASCAR fan, but who wouldn't want to meet him, right. So it turned out that I wasn't picked, but a co-worker, who is less a fan than I am, didn't want to go and somehow I was asked by her to go. I don't know why, but it was a right place right time kind of thing. So here I am with Jeff. He graciously signed autographs for me and one for my co-worker (I had to pay her back somehow!). I didn't get a ride around Iowa in the Dupont car, or any perks like that, but it isn't everyday you get to meet someone who make his living driving around in a fast car!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Summer, School, Family - Chapter 3 back to reality

Only a 'short' 20 hour drive from Southern Idaho to Central Iowa brought us from time with family and friends back to the reality of life. School started the day after we got back and work was busy as ever. But we did get the requisite first day of school pics of our spuds. You can tell the excitement the older they get!

With school starts new activities. We have a couple soccer players. One for the first season. She is pretty excited, and scored a couple goals in her first game. I think being with brothers has toughened her up for this scrappy sport!

Cole started playing the clarinet in band and is really doing well.

Kell and Abigail also started gymnastics and is something they really seem to enjoy.

We took a little road trip on a Saturday to see Nauvoo, Illinois. It is a special place in LDS history as it was a city built up on the banks of the Mississippi, and was once the largest city in Illinois. Unfortunately, persecution and mobs forced the saints out of the beautiful city. It is about 4 hours from our home, so an 'easy' day trip!
First we stopped in Carthage, Illinois, the place the prophet Joseph Smith and his
brother were martyred. It is a solemn place. Here we are in front of the jail they were held in.

We got to experience a 10 minute ox and wagon ride. What a ride it would have been to Utah on this!

We ended the day up by the rebuilt Nauvoo Temple, the most beautiful part of the daytrip.

With that I end the three part update of the Iowa Spuds. Maybe it won't be so long until I update again, but no promises.

Summer, School, Family - Chapter 2 the Idaho Story

The second week was spent in Idaho (mainly). It was timed for the Cassia County Fair and Rodeo, and although my cowboy dad was busy for most of it, we spent some great time with them. They spent time on the trampoline, in the trees, riding bikes, 4-wheelers, tractors, and spending time with family.

These pics turned out pretty good. I just couldn't get Campb in the tree with the kids to finish the foursome.

My kids got to be cowboys/girls and enjoy the best small town rodeo anywhere. We also spent some time with the most incredible mustachioed cowboy around.

These 4 are the greatest things in my life, aren't they great!

Summer, School, Family - Chapter 1 Utah

Well, again here comes the deluge of updates from the iowaspuds...
The big updates was our super trip out west. We went through South Dakota, saw the corn palace in Mitchell.

We didn't stop to see Wall Drug, but we didn't know when to turn off, they could have more signs along the way (note sarcasm)...

We spend a couple nights in Keystone, South Dakota, and saw Mount Rushmore and the beautiful Black Hills. The kids loved it, and it is definitely a place to see again.

From there we went to Idaho Falls to be sure my brother and his family were doing good, and the kids played hard with their IF cousins. We also stopped in American Falls to check on some friends we don't see nearly enough.

Then on to Utah! Sara and her family were kind enough to let us stay there and provide babysitting while Sherrie and I went to the temple.
While we were in Utah we went to two weddings and a sealing. What a great thing to be with family in the temple and see people make eternal promises to love and cherish one another. Congrats Tracey/Wade, Jeff/Allyson, and Kristie/Devin!

We took a sweet hike up to Timpanogos Caves. It was a tough hike, but we all made it. Kell hiked the whole way. Dad carried Campbell, and cousin Matt hefted Abigail the whole way on his back (oh to be 19 again). The boys loved the cave, and it is a neat stop.

We stopped by BYU and the kids got to see the ol alma mater. It was also Cole's Birthday, so we were able to spend that with cousins and family.

Our favorite Aunt Lisa stopped while we were at the temple one day, and the kids got to see her and enjoy being with her. She was also so nice as to let us stay at her house one night. She is the best. See if you can spot the antagonist in this photo...

This picture was from the last wedding, and is a little out of the timeline of events, but is part of the Utah fun. We went to Kristie's wedding in Bountiful. The kids loved it and it was so neat to be there with my little family and enjoy the beauty of the temple and those things most precious to me.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

New look to the house

Most people know that I am not a big fan of painting, and Sherrie knows that to get me to do it, she just needs to buy the paint and have it all ready to go. Here are some shots of the new color we are putting on. In the family room we painted one wall a red, which really turned out nice. The rest of the downstairs is a chocolate milk type color, which is darker than what we had. It is turning out nicely.

The kitchen has become the problem, we just can't decide what color to do, a red. a green, or a yellow. We have tried about 8 different sample colors and still haven't found the one.

Campbell likes to help as well, and he scaled the ladder all by himself while his deliquent dad watched. At least he is not on climbing up the cupboards, yet...

Cool cakes, lost teeth, muscles, and swimming

Sherrie loves to create cool cakes for birthdays. Maybe her husband needs to show a little more imagination.

Here is David's 'camp' birthday cake.

And Cole had a bowling party complete with this unique creation from Mom's kitchen.

Kell is finally losing some more teeth. He lost his two bottom teeth on the same day, and was pretty proud of himself.

Campbell now knows how to flex his 'guns' I have about 6 more shots of Cam's 'show me your muscles' shot! The expression on his face just makes me laugh.

The three big kids had swimming lessons this month. They had a great time and are progressing well.