Sunday, June 15, 2008

When it rains it pours (literally and figuratively)

This is really late, but I found that I had written all this up, and when my computer quit on my it automatically saved the post.. So this is from about a month ago....

Well, my blogging mainly happens on Sunday, so I try to squeeze everything in multiple posts. (hence the figurative rain)

Now for the literal... Many people have asked us about our situation with the flooding in Iowa. We, thankfully are fine and nearly all the roads we travel are unaffected (except for the road I take into work). As some background, and I don't have all the details, for the month of June, or at least to date, we should have received about 2-3 inches of rain, and we have probably had over 9 inches just for June. That in addition to storms upstream, and a very wet spring have largely contributed to the flooding. Des Moines is not nearly as bad as Cedar Rapids, a city east of here, where the whole downtown is underwater.

For those of you who want to know what the LDS church is doing, well, we were advised to do a number of things, not the least of which is wait...until the emergency and other workers have done their part. On the news they often caution people to avoid the areas due to the need to have the national guard and emergency workers on the scene. There are opportunities to help out in the relief effort, sandbagging and such. The LDS church has sent cleaning kits (in the form of white plastic buckets packed with cleaning supplies. I wasn't asked to help, but many in my ward did help to unload the hundreds of buckets, and get them distributed through the Red Cross. Also, we were advised that a semi with hygiene kits has been dispatched, and although I have been waiting for a call to help distribute those materials, I haven't heard more today. Really the clean up effort will be the big one.

So the rains, floods, combined with fatal F5+ tornadoes in Parkerbug, IA (north east of Des Moines), fatal tornadoes at an Iowan Scout Camp (no we are all well... I take the troop camping in two weeks, but we will surely review the emergency plan!), and a couple weeks of constant tornado watches and warnings, has made this spring an eventful one. Sitting up all night with the emergency weather radio chiming isn't a real restful one, and having to wake the kids and hunker down in the basement doesn't help either. But it is part of the Iowa Experience, and gives new appreciation for the power of nature, and our own helplessness and frailty in harnessing this power...

Our new pet

*Caution, the following post contains some images that may be considered graphic by some individuals*

About a year and a half ago Sherrie brought home a new dog, a little black lab, while I was in Georgia on business. The little guy diligently watched over our front porch since then, until he met an untimely demise. Abigail and Kell were playing with the dog when a most unfortunate incident occurred. Kell still won’t let Abigail forget that she broke the dog.

Turns out the little dog wasn't indestructible. But with a broken leg and shattered nose, he just couldn’t do his job, so we had to put him down.

We looked around and finally found a suitable replacement, and he and Abigail seem to get along just fine. Hopefully, he can stand up to the task of guarding the front porch!

Happy Birthday Kell!!!

I thought I should put together a little post for the birthday boy Kell. He is a good little boy and full of energy, who has only one speed and volume (but he is learning how to be quiet with a baby in the house). We had the greatest compliment today from his Primary teacher. He is reverent, respectful, and helpful in class. Sherrie and I weren't quite sure she had the right boy, as it is not always the Kell I know, but it is nice to know that despite his rambunctiousness, does know when to be reverent.

Kell is a great big brother, and is a caring little boy. Although, sometimes it is a little too much affection

Kell has the unusual ability to walk on his toe knuckles (I don't know the correct term), but is a little strange, and he is the only one in the world that I know who can do it!

He plays hard, and by dinner time can get a little tired out. THis is his most recent sleeping position, at the dinner table. Somehow he had wrapped his fingers around the slats in the chair and was able to fall asleep curled up and sitting up.

Here's the birthday boy with his presents, which included a new kindergarten backpack.

And a zebra tent, how much fun can that be!!