Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Kell!!!

I thought I should put together a little post for the birthday boy Kell. He is a good little boy and full of energy, who has only one speed and volume (but he is learning how to be quiet with a baby in the house). We had the greatest compliment today from his Primary teacher. He is reverent, respectful, and helpful in class. Sherrie and I weren't quite sure she had the right boy, as it is not always the Kell I know, but it is nice to know that despite his rambunctiousness, does know when to be reverent.

Kell is a great big brother, and is a caring little boy. Although, sometimes it is a little too much affection

Kell has the unusual ability to walk on his toe knuckles (I don't know the correct term), but is a little strange, and he is the only one in the world that I know who can do it!

He plays hard, and by dinner time can get a little tired out. THis is his most recent sleeping position, at the dinner table. Somehow he had wrapped his fingers around the slats in the chair and was able to fall asleep curled up and sitting up.

Here's the birthday boy with his presents, which included a new kindergarten backpack.

And a zebra tent, how much fun can that be!!

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Simon & Sara said...

That is the coolest tent! I wish I could come over today and play in it! Happy Birthday Kell! We love you!