Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our new pet

*Caution, the following post contains some images that may be considered graphic by some individuals*

About a year and a half ago Sherrie brought home a new dog, a little black lab, while I was in Georgia on business. The little guy diligently watched over our front porch since then, until he met an untimely demise. Abigail and Kell were playing with the dog when a most unfortunate incident occurred. Kell still won’t let Abigail forget that she broke the dog.

Turns out the little dog wasn't indestructible. But with a broken leg and shattered nose, he just couldn’t do his job, so we had to put him down.

We looked around and finally found a suitable replacement, and he and Abigail seem to get along just fine. Hopefully, he can stand up to the task of guarding the front porch!


Ciana said...

What cute kids! I was glad that I found your blog. Congrats on your baby and Good luck. Our baby just turned one last month. It is pretty crazy with 4 kids but lots of fun and never dull.

crack'n up ourselves said...

That is so funny

Shane & Casey said...

You have the perfect pet! I should have told my daughter to get a pet like yours instead of a cat. What was I thinking=-)

Sherdon said...
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Sherdon said...

Did you guys ever get to load up in life rafts there in Des Moines? I was thinking that a great minor to an agronomy major would be marine farming or scuba diving, maybe ship building... :)