Saturday, August 25, 2007

State Fair part 2 - Big Things

I wasn't able to squeeze all the pictures into one post, so here is part two. I thought I should show the biggest participants of the fair. Here is the Shire horse show, the mayor cart division. We got to go in the horse barn and see them getting them washed and groomed for the show. Definitely 'big'. Kell could have sat there all day and watched them, I could have to for that matter. As an aside Cole was ready to see the Butter Cow and get some ice cream.

Here is the biggest bull. All 3300 pounds of him. In each of the livestock barns they have a pen with the 'biggest' animal. They are easy to find, it is the pen with all the people crowding around it.
Here is the swine barn's biggest boar. over 1200(?) pound duroc cross. This guy doesn't get up and perform very often, in fact I think he just lies around. I mean what can you do when you weigh more than many small cars? Again, you have to be patient to even get close, there is always a crowd.
Last but not least, the big shot farmers. We can't help but go to the little hands on the farm activity, sponsored by none other than Pioneer Hi-Bred, note the super cool bright green Pioneer hats. (Consequently, I was too old to participate, but I could really use a new hat). Sterling, our friend's little guy was also helping out and going though with the kids. This is at the beginning of the little tour, passing in from of corn and soybeans. Then they get to plant seeds, harvest plastic vegetables, and go through little vingnettes of dairy barns, egg-production and such. At the end they all got a popsicle or something from the store by spending the money they earn from working on the farm.

Fun at the Fair, not Cassia, but Iowa State Part 1

Late post, but here are a few select pics of the family at the Iowa State Fair. First the boys got a picture with BIGFOOT, and it is big.
We went through Iowa's version of the commercial building and Kell got to see Curious George, a PBS favorite. Abigail was a little nervous and admired from Dad's arms.
In the swine barn there was a big corn 'sandbox'. Mom and Dad got to rest while the kids got to play in the corn.
Now for the ever popular butter sculptures. Harry Potter is immortalized in butter, along with his faithful sidekick Hedwig the owl.
And here is the most popular of them all, the butter cow. Apparently this has been going on for >40 years, and Iowa still can't get enough of this. I mean it is pretty cool to see a life size cow made out of butter. Cole is obviously entranced. I didn't show the line behind us to see the cow, really it is a big attraction.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Iowa Straw Poll Survivors

We braved the Iowa heat and humidity this weekend and went to the Iowa Straw Poll in Ames. It is essentially a GOP fundraiser, and a chance for the presidential candidates to mobilize their supporters. Below are a couple of pics. If you want the scoop on the whole thing, let us know.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Kell's New Smile

Well, Kell has been nursing a loose tooth for the past couple of weeks, and it finally came out. He is only four, but the dentist has found that he has an extra front tooth coming in, and it pushed out this one. I think he'll have a goofy grin for the next little while.
Sherrie was helping him with some things and he found he had a bloody mouth. Sherrie pulled out the tooth, and now Kell is pretty excited to show off the new smile.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

I can't wait until I'm 8 - Baptism Day

We took a little trip with our visitors from the west to Winterset for a picnic on Saturday. We didn't get to go to Fons and Porters or the John Wayne Museum, but had fun at the park with the hedgemaze and the tower, where the following picture was taken.

Here is the family before Cole's Baptism. He was a little nervous, but was so excited and happy after the baptism. It was a very nice program. Grandpa Bowen spoke, as well as Brother Braden Cannon and Bishop Pence. There was a nice spirit there and it was great to be with friends and family. Although not all our family was able to be there, we could feel that they wanted to be here and their love for us.

Baptism is a wonderful expression of our willlingness to follow Christ. It is the time when we really become part of the family of Christ and take upon ourselves His name, and that of Christian. I am so proud of Cole to take this step and I pray we all have a better understanding of these covenants.