Saturday, August 25, 2007

State Fair part 2 - Big Things

I wasn't able to squeeze all the pictures into one post, so here is part two. I thought I should show the biggest participants of the fair. Here is the Shire horse show, the mayor cart division. We got to go in the horse barn and see them getting them washed and groomed for the show. Definitely 'big'. Kell could have sat there all day and watched them, I could have to for that matter. As an aside Cole was ready to see the Butter Cow and get some ice cream.

Here is the biggest bull. All 3300 pounds of him. In each of the livestock barns they have a pen with the 'biggest' animal. They are easy to find, it is the pen with all the people crowding around it.
Here is the swine barn's biggest boar. over 1200(?) pound duroc cross. This guy doesn't get up and perform very often, in fact I think he just lies around. I mean what can you do when you weigh more than many small cars? Again, you have to be patient to even get close, there is always a crowd.
Last but not least, the big shot farmers. We can't help but go to the little hands on the farm activity, sponsored by none other than Pioneer Hi-Bred, note the super cool bright green Pioneer hats. (Consequently, I was too old to participate, but I could really use a new hat). Sterling, our friend's little guy was also helping out and going though with the kids. This is at the beginning of the little tour, passing in from of corn and soybeans. Then they get to plant seeds, harvest plastic vegetables, and go through little vingnettes of dairy barns, egg-production and such. At the end they all got a popsicle or something from the store by spending the money they earn from working on the farm.

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