Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer time wrap up

There are too many things to post separately, so here are some summer time highlights.

Now the reason I blog (no pictures of dad)

OK, for you who have been clamoring for more pics of the baby, here you are! These pics really don't need any captions, you all know, cute babies, what more should I say. By the way, can you tell he is related? He looks a lot like his siblings when they were about this age.

A Budding Hairstylist

So for you who have read 'Fancy Nancy' books, we have our own little girl, who loves to accessorize. This is our little girl and her skills in hair accessories.

Here she is after falling asleep. Note the number of clips in her hair!

Any good hairstylist has someone to work with and practice on. Here is Kell as a somewhat willing participant. He obviously doesn't know what he is getting into!

Why not try it out on Mom too! Campbell doesn't quite have enough hair. Fortunately dad has avoided her styling!

Friday, August 15, 2008

OK a couple last pics from Puerto Rico

So Saturday I took a walking tour of Old San Juan. It is an old city (from european colonization standards) and is anchored by a huge fort and walls surrounding the city. The fort was started in 1550s and was in use by several countries (primarily Spain) in several wars (with the British, Dutch, Americans, etc) through WWII when it national historic site. I would recommend anyone visiting la Isla de Encanto to visit the Castillo San Felipe del Morro (the name of the fort).

Here is a shot of the famous 'garitas' or sentry boxes that sit at strategic corners around the city.

This last one is of the city wall, and is about a mile from the first shot. It shows the extent of the fortifications that were built up over the past 450 years. Yeah it isn't all 450 years old and they have done several reconstruction projects to bring everything up to its former glory.

Now I promise not to show any more pics of Puerto Rico, or of me... Probably

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Caribbean Sand

So I have been informed that people only really visit our blog to see pictures of the kids, and right now, mainly to see Campbell. I will agree, but as I am online today and without pictures of the kids (Campbell), I have to share some pictures of my own. Sorry, I have direct orders to update the blog with Campbell's pics when I return to Iowa. In the meantime, here are some pics of fun in Puerto Rico.

First here is a picture of me in the Isla Caja de los Muertos (Coffin Island) which is a 45+ minute ferry ride southeast of Ponce the city I was staying in. I went to the island with about 50 other people from work who are here for a meeting, so no I didn't leave my family to have a 'break'
This is a 'desert island', yeah I know you wouldn't quite believe it being in the Caribbean and all. If you want to see the cacti on the island I can catch you up on this...

Here is the opposite side of the island from the former picture. There is a lighthouse (no I didn't visit it) and the beach you see is restricted such that only turtles live there.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Train and rains

For you avid iowaspuds followers, you probably realize that we mainly update when one of you remind us that we should be sharing our Iowa adventures. Here are a few pics of the trip we went to the Boone railroad tour, which took us through some nice country in Central Iowa. Grandpa and Grandma from Utah came out and shared the ride with us. We were super excited to have them with us and to spend some time with them. Here are some of the highlights.

Here is a view over the tall bridge. The track was only as wide as the train. Yeah that was fun!

Halfway through it started raining good, here is a picture of Kell while we were going over the Des Moines River.

Here is the crew after the ride looking down the track.

I thought I would throw this one in too. Here is one of Kell and Grandma while we were going over the bridge.

Lots of fun. Thanks for coming by.