Friday, August 15, 2008

OK a couple last pics from Puerto Rico

So Saturday I took a walking tour of Old San Juan. It is an old city (from european colonization standards) and is anchored by a huge fort and walls surrounding the city. The fort was started in 1550s and was in use by several countries (primarily Spain) in several wars (with the British, Dutch, Americans, etc) through WWII when it national historic site. I would recommend anyone visiting la Isla de Encanto to visit the Castillo San Felipe del Morro (the name of the fort).

Here is a shot of the famous 'garitas' or sentry boxes that sit at strategic corners around the city.

This last one is of the city wall, and is about a mile from the first shot. It shows the extent of the fortifications that were built up over the past 450 years. Yeah it isn't all 450 years old and they have done several reconstruction projects to bring everything up to its former glory.

Now I promise not to show any more pics of Puerto Rico, or of me... Probably


Simon & Sara said...

I like seeing pictures of my big brother! :)

Andrea U. said...

It's fun for us to catch up with your family happenings. Your pics remind me of our stop in Puerto Rico in Feb on our way to the southern caribbean. Good times

Take Care and watch out for those tornados.

~~ cuz andrea urban