Sunday, February 15, 2009

Were in trouble now

It was only a matter of time. Campbell isn't quite crawling, but he has become an expert of the floor breaststroke. Now he is standing up to things and is beginning to explore and chew up what he can find. We lost a couple unsuspecting books and are discovering more and more things that need to be moved.

But who can't love a toothy grin like this!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pinewood Derby Mania

**Guest Blogger Cole**
I had my second Pinewood Derby on Wednesday, Jan. 27 and raced The Black Knight to some victories. It was a little light, so dad had to tape 75 cents on the back, just to help. I did get some wins in the races. Here is a picture of my car in the lead of the others. I made a win for that one the rest was second or third place. I had a lot of fun even though I didn't win. Then, I had my picture taken with Joshua and Benjamin. At the end, I got my Bear award and bubble gum for good listening.

First Haircut

Here are some pics of Campbell's first haircut and some other random pictures. I know you missed it, so here was the fun. Too bad Grandpa didn't get in on this action. Most shots are courtesy of big brother C.

Kell's New Ears

Kell got his hearing aids about a month and a half ago. And yes, I am really slow about getting things updated on our blog. He is hearing better, and we realized this when he exclaimed that he could hear bubbles when went to the bathroom. Those little sounds we take for granted! We can tell an improvement in some of the words and sounds he makes, and he has been very responsible with this amazing technology.

The hearing aids go behind the ear and there is a tube that feeds into an ear mold that is made to fit in his ear. Kell wanted the bright blue ones, like the picture below.

We convinced him that another color might be best, especially since his buddy has the same kind.
Here is a pic of his new 'ears'.