Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fun at the Fair, not Cassia, but Iowa State Part 1

Late post, but here are a few select pics of the family at the Iowa State Fair. First the boys got a picture with BIGFOOT, and it is big.
We went through Iowa's version of the commercial building and Kell got to see Curious George, a PBS favorite. Abigail was a little nervous and admired from Dad's arms.
In the swine barn there was a big corn 'sandbox'. Mom and Dad got to rest while the kids got to play in the corn.
Now for the ever popular butter sculptures. Harry Potter is immortalized in butter, along with his faithful sidekick Hedwig the owl.
And here is the most popular of them all, the butter cow. Apparently this has been going on for >40 years, and Iowa still can't get enough of this. I mean it is pretty cool to see a life size cow made out of butter. Cole is obviously entranced. I didn't show the line behind us to see the cow, really it is a big attraction.

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