Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Random Pics and Update

Although our lives are really pretty boring overall, we do have moments of excitement and fun. Since most people just like seeing the random pics of our day to day. Here you go!

Here is our girly girl with her nice new purple nails. Abigail loves this type of thing.

Here are the B-boys with some other famous Iowans at the Father and Sons campout. We had a great time, and what boy doesn't like exploring water, bugs, and all that good stuff in the woods.

We weren't able to make any Smores at the campout, so we decided to try it out on the grill after we cooked up some Sunday dinner. Another 'grilling' alternative, especially if you like melted chocolate!

I think I have a napping shot of all the kids at one time or another. Sherrie caught one of me and Campbell and Abigail. Who doesn't love these moments!

Karate Kid Campbell. Honestly, since he was born this guy is always moving his hands and arms. These pictures show it.

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Simon & Sara said...

I love the random pics! Campbell is so cute! Good job on the Mother's Day pictures! They are sure cute kids!