Monday, May 12, 2008

Campbell update

Mr. Campbell got to go to the doctor's office for his two week checkup. Here are the stats
6 lb. 10 oz. -- 10th percentile
20 inches long -- 50th percentile
34.5 cm head circumference -- 20th percentile
He is gaining weight and getting on a somewhat consistent schedule with feeding and sleeping. Somehow he is able to nap through the chaos of Abigail and Kell and their love-hate relationship. Frankly I don't know how mom deals with it, but we are all managing. One good thing is that all the kids are totally worn out at the end of the day that they sleep through any of Campbell's midnight sessions.

Here are some pics we are finally getting on the blog, few of which actually relate to Campbell, but are fun nonetheless!

Here is a nice shot of Kell, Campbell and Abigail. They love to hold and love Campbell. Kell will even hold him crying or not. It doesn't even phase him, and he lives for his turn. Abigail is about the same, however, if Campbell is crying, then it is mom or dad's turn.

This was the funniest thing I have seen in a while. After a bath, Abigail was wailing from the bathroom. She had a brush of Sherrie's and had managed to to wind her hair so tightly in it that she could hardly move the brush. And Sherrie was busy so dad had to try to untangle the mess. Abigail's face is priceless!

Here is a nice shot of the kids and Mom to see who had the biggest belly (no comments that dad isn't in the shot). Kell is asking how he gets his tummy to stick out farther. THis was taken about a week before Campbell was born.

Here is our 8 year old soccer star (we don't have any good pics of Kell yet, maybe he is too fast!)


The Edde Family said...

I can't believe those "ant" PJS are still around! How funny. And Abigales hair brush face is absolutely priceless! Love all the pictures.
Love and miss you all!

Daniel, Kari & Co. said...

Love the hairbrush picture. I think it's frame-worthy!

crack'n up ourselves said...

I think you guys should enter the picture of abigail into some kind of contest. That was hilarious!