Saturday, April 26, 2008

CJB Pics

I know the pics are going to come up before the announcement. Sorry, I didn't plan these consecutive posts too well. I love that I can get these new pics out to everyone right away, so all those who want to be here can enjoy some of the joy that we are experiencing.

Mom and the kids

Finally a big sister

The four things that really matter

Me and my little boys (The little elephant is the kid's gift to Campbell, but Kell and Abigail are having a tough time giving it up)

Abigail couldn't get enough of this little guy


Simon & Sara said...

YEAH! Kajsa was pointing at the pictures saying "baby Camel". We will work on that so that she says it more like Campbell. I think he looks like a Bowen/Cloward! He is a cutie! Congrats and we are so happy that everything ended up good.

Lisa said...

Yea, I think I am in love with all of you. Abigail is going to be the greatest big sister. And with an entrance story like that, he's got to come from good pioneer stock.

The Edde Family said...

Congratulations!! What joy! And we are so thankful all turned out well. Cute family, keep up the great work. Love you all!
Della and Family

Sherdon said...

I am just glad that his first glimpse of this world was to see someone wearing a BYU cap.... that probably reassured the little guy after that traumatic birth. I like the name, though I must agree that little kids will most likely call him camel (which is how talmage says kimball actually). Wow, Cole looks so different to me, that kid has grown up!

Kaden and Mindi said...

Well he's going to be a regular ol' scouter. Thats for sure! All of your kids are super cute! By the way, school is going good. I just wish that I could work in a lab forever. I know that sounds weird but I love my job. So what type of work do you do out there? What type of people/educational backgrounds do they hire?