Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is not one of my favorite holidays. Why do you need a holiday to tell someone you love how much you love them? As a kid I did like making cookies for the neighbors and secretly delivering valentines (they don't do that anymore). This year I decided to be nice and join in the celebration with my family. I made each of my kids a Valentine's pillowcase and gave them some candy. For David, I bought him a new snow shovel (wish it could've been a snow blower) and some dark chocolate Dove candies (his favorite). David bought me flowers and Hershey's Bliss candies (another favorite). David and I tried to go out to lunch on Friday, but that was changed due to a certain child's illness. We bought Papa Murphy's heart-shaped pizza for dinner (Saturday night), which was not as good as homemade. The kids all had parties at school and passed out there Valentine's. They each got way too much sugar, but I let them eat it all up to get it out of the house.


crack'n up ourselves said...

David looks a little too cuddly with that shovel...you might have some competition.JK Your pillow cases are cute.

nweames said...

Best way to deal with candy in the house. Just let it be eaten and gone!