Monday, January 18, 2010

Super Noma No More

When Kell was 4 he lost his first tooth. This is earlier than most kids lose their first tooth, but Kell was born with a Super Noma (what't that?). As the dentist said, basically it is an extra tooth from God. Alright, so now what? Sure enough the extra tooth came in and the dentist kept checking it at his regular dental visits hoping it would come out in it's own, so the permanent one can straighten and come in halfway decent. Well, at the last visit, still not loose, so today he had it pulled. The tooth is huge, but the dentist said that it was normal for a Super Noma. You may notice a lot of empty spaces in his front teeth, this is because this past summer he lost two bottom teeth and one is FINALLY coming in and the other is slowly breaking the surface. Just last last Friday he lost the other top tooth at school. he was excited to tell me he had lost it when I picked him up at school. We got home and he proceeded to dig through his backpack to find his tooth. My first thought was ,"OH NO, he just threw it in his backpack and now it is lost" (if any of you know Kell, you know what I'm talking about). Luckily his teacher put it in a special tooth-shaped necklace to keep it safe until he got home.

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Lisa said...

What a brave boy you are Kell. I love the empty spaces in your mouth. I love you lots!!