Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Princess Peepers

For about a year Abigail was seeing the eye doctor every few months. The doctor detected a slight turn in her right eye that wasn't of too much concern until recently. Abigail started telling me she couldn't see some reds and then she complained about not being able to see the dark TV screen. I talked to the doctor at my visit and he suggested she have her eyes checked again. Sure enough, they had changed enough that she needed to get galsses. Abigail was so excited to finally be getting galsses. She picked out some pretty pink princess glasses with sparkly bows on the sides.

We picked up her glasses and she was excited until just before I took her to school. I was fixing her hair in the bathroom and she was looking at herself in the mirror. She started to cry and say she didn't like how they made her look different. I explained to her that she'll get used to them and soon she'll look different when she takes them off. She went to school and has been okay since.


Lisa said...

Princess Abigail:

You look beautiful in your glasses.

Aunt Lisa

nweames said...

Such a cutie. It is amazing how short of time it will be until she will look different without her glasses.

Pam Calvert said...

Aww...she's beautiful! I wrote a book that she may like entitled, Princess Peepers. I used to wear glasses, too. :-)

Have a great day!

crack'n up ourselves said...

OH how cute!

Rachel said...

Abigail looks fabulous!!! Thanks for visiting us last month. We really enjoy your family.