Saturday, April 24, 2010


I had a hard time getting excited about Easter knowing that it would just be the kids and I. It's not fun celebrating anything without dad, but we had a good time.
The Easter Bunny comes to our house on Saturday morning so as not to distract from the real reason we celebrate Easter. So on Saturday the kids woke up to find their baskets filled with all sorts of things and eggs hiddedn all through the house. They all went searching for eggs. Campbell wanted to open and eat the candy in each egg before he hunted for another. I'm not sure he got it, but maybe next year.

We then went to Living History Farms for and Easter Egg hunt. The kids each got to hunt for eggs and prizes. Then we went home after Cole did a potato sack race. The crowds were outrageous.
Sunday I made ham, potatoes, rolls, corn, and Jell-O jiggler eggs. I admit when I first found out David would be gone for Easter, I didn't want to have a big meal. I then felt bad, because my kids love ham.

We also enjoyed being able to watch General Conference on TV. The kids did a great job sitting and listening to the speakers.
Cole at the Easter egg hunt (he was able to get a bunch because he didn't follow the pack)

Kell and Abigail right in the middle of the hunt

Kids wearing their new shirts from mom

Campbell excited to find eggs

The baskets

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