Sunday, July 6, 2008

Random Updates

Since our blog is less about ranting about the most recent random thought that piques my interest and is more about pictures and communicating to our family and friends about what we are doing. Here is the newest 'random' post.

Our city is like most small towns where once a year we have a city wide party, complete with parades, cheap amusement park rides attached to the back of a semi, and a 'fun run'. In my effort to become more 'fit' I decided to do the 5K, and in doing so signed up some friends and convinced Cole to do the 1 mile fun run. Here is a picture of the crew. You may notice some other famous individuals often featured on the blog.

Here is an action shot of Cole rounding the home stretch, his shoe came untied and he kept running... What a trooper!

My cousin is really connected and was able to hook me and the boys up with some tickets to the Saturday edition of the Iowa Corn Indy race (the Saturday race was the Indy Lights race for you motor heads). It was a 100 mile race, and very fun, loud, but fun. We got a little rain at the end of the day, but we had a real good time enjoying the sights sounds and fast cars.
Here are Kell and Sam ready to race.

And here is Cole and Josh, straight from Cub Scout Day Camp.

Lastly, a neighboring town had their community events on the Fourth of July. Our Cub Scout Pack had an entry and Cole got to ride in the pickup and throw some candy out to the crowds. How much more excitment can you get!