Sunday, July 6, 2008

Blessing Day

We were blessed today to have Campbell's grandparents, and Aunt Lisa in town this weekend for Campbell's blessing. In our church there isn't a baptism, but authorized individuals (i.e. priesthood holders, of which I am one) are able to present the child before the church to be named and blessed. Campbell's grandparents and some good friends also participated. It is a humbling experience to hold a small child and pronounce a blessing on them. Parents have great aspirations for their children, not the least of which they are able to grow up healthy, strong and wise. I know I pray that they will cultivate their spiritual gifts, that their testimonies will grow and that they will be stalwart and faithful members of God's kingdom.
Here is a picture of the crew (Lisa is behind the camera)

Here is Campbell with the new quilt fom Grandma B.

Here is a pic of Grandma B and Campbell.

On Saturday we went to the Living History Farms and this is Grandpa B and the boys in the trailer going out to the farm.

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