Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spring and Summertime

So, where to start... Maybe more frequent entries would be best!

Schools out, summer break

Soccer is over. Cole finished with 9 goals for the season (two hat-tricks), dad was 2-0 as head coach (the team was 2-5-1 overall).

One more game of baseball left in the season, Kell has had fun on the A's

Kell and Abigail are both off training wheels and racing on two wheelers

Kell had a birthday. Mom made a volcano cake, complete with dinosaurs and frosting lava.

Campbell is walking - We'll get some pics of him stumbling as he is getting the hang of it.

We did some camping at Ledges State Park

Iowa storms can be wet and wild! Yeah that is our neighbor's swing set blown across their yard into ours. We missed the excitement as we were in the basement waiting for the tornado sirens and warnings to expire...


crack'n up ourselves said...

I love those kind of storms!

Simon and Sara said...

Are those really my nephews and niece? They are getting so big! We miss you guys! Can't wait to see you soon! :)