Friday, February 1, 2008

Tribute to a Great Man

Many of you know we are members of the LDS church, and last Sunday the president of the LDS church passed away at 97 years old. I think the news spread quickly, as I found out not even two hours after his passing. I won't go into any details of his biography, as there are better sources for this. Our kids recognized him and loved watching him speak (even as young as they are).

There is little you can say to someone who inspires you to be a better person. He was a unique person who recognized and preached about serious traps in life, among them gambling, anger, pornography, honesty, and integrity. His words were always infused with a deep love and ever present optimism. One would have a feeling that through faith and work, sin could be overcome, and there is reason to hope and work for better things in the world. If ever God called men as prophets to testify of Him, Gordon B. Hinckley was one of these men.

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Sherdon said...

Amen! When I see him again I'll owe him a thousand thanks for preserving my life, calling me to be closer to Christ and preparing me for greater happiness.