Monday, July 16, 2007

Final Paper published!

For what it is worth, I have my gene expression paper published in The Plant Genome, a supplemental publication in the Crops Science journal. It is some real cool reading if you have any time to check it out. I know I'm probably the only one that really cares about this, so you'll just have to let me revel in this. If you want the full text, let me know!

A Low Phytic Acid Barley Mutation Alters Seed Gene Expression
David E. Bowen, Edward J. Souza, Mary J. Guttieri, Victor Raboy, and Jianming Fu
Crop Sci 2007;47 S-149-S-159


Lisa said...

Congratulations! I did click on the link, but don't understand much of it.

JKS said...

Not bad work... I did a 4th grade science project on the same thing. Maybe I should send you it... just in case you missed something.

Just kiddin' B-Dog. Yer dang smart and everyone knows it!